BILLIONAIRE MANSION DUBAI(ビリオネア・マンション・ドバイ)今ドバイで一番熱くてカッコいいレストラン!






Billionaire Mansion
+971 4 510 3100
Taj Hotel, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay

Delicious cuisine & thrilling shows make Billionaire Mansion the place to be this summer. Late nights can be difficult during the week, which is why Dubai hotspot Billionaire Mansion are creating an unforgettable early evening dining experience. Combining culinary riches and thrilling live entertainment shows, the unique luxury dining concept spoils guests with two delicious cuisines in a vibrant ambience. ESpearheaded by award-wining Executive Chef Reif Othman, Billionaire Mansion’s internationally renowned, Sumosan offers contemporary Japanese dishes with a twist. Injecting his culinary expertise onto Sumosan’s menu, guests are taken on an exceptional gastronomic journey. Serving an interesting fusion of flavours and ingredients, signatures include the finest sushi and sashimi delicacies, along with Tuna Tartar with creamy truffle sauce and Wagyu Beef Tataki with pickled onion and creamy truffle ponzu. Billionaire Grill, with Executive Chef Batuhan Piatti Zeynioglu at the helm, serves classic Italian flair in Billionaire style. Celebrating the simplicity, taste and freshness of ingredients, signatures include Lasagnetta “Billionaire”, Salt-crust Baked Wild Sea Bass and Wagyu Tomahawk. You don’t have to stay up late to enjoy Billionaire Mansion’s incredible dining experience and a plethora of brilliant dinner shows which include acrobats, dancers and magicians @billionairemansiondubai @theqode #billionairemansiondubai #restaurant #UAE #cultures#food #yummy #lunch #dinner #foodlovers #taste #SpecialPlatters #me #myself #mylife #OrchideaByRita

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